Benefits List


Benefits to Your Business

  • Increased employee productivity and efficiency

  • Reduced absenteeism due to overall better health

  • Higher retention rates

  • Reduced Health Care Costs over time

  • Increased employee morale and loyalty

  • Improved employee teamwork

  • Overall more positive culture

Individual Benefits to Program Participants

  • Tools to shop for and prepare nutritionally balanced, whole foods based diet

  • Tools to eat well while traveling and dining out

  • Increased energy and general sense of well being

  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and mood swings

  • Improved Time Management skills

  • Improved listening and communication skills

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Improved work/personal balance

  • Reduced cravings especially for sugar and caffeine

  • Attainment of Ideal Weight

  • Improved skin, sleep, digestion and overall health